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A Certified Hypnotist, Spiritual Healer, & So Much More

"This is transforming my entire being... words cannot describe the difference I feel. I have never responded to any healing like I have this." - Denee C. (Katy, TX)   "About 8 months ago I could barely walk, now I can go up and down stairs—amazing Miraculous—Thank you."
- Aline F. (Woodlands, TX)

George Thomas attended his first Level 1 & 2 training in March 2009, and was certified as a practitioner of Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, in 2011. Also trained in 'Focused Mind Healing' and 'Faster EFT,' George is a certified hypnotist, providing standard hypnotherapy, as well as QHHT. See: Calendar. The video below addresses a 'typical' session (each person is unique!)...

  • Recognize that any belief—all beliefs—are limited and subject to revision and improvement.
  • Train yourself to become flexible—flexibility is more useful than 'control'.
  • Avoid stress—yes, go 'out of your way' to avoid it.
  • Do not spend your valuable time remembering, replaying, and thinking about negative things.

'We can help you with that!' is our slogan.
We absolutely can—but not without your request.
'Ask and it is Given' requires that you ask.
One may receive help to the degree they are willing to accept it.

"I do not know exactly what you did, but I am glad that it was done! I felt amazing later that day. My healing concerned a broken-heart. I felt so different after the healing. Maybe not right away, but hours later I did notice a shift. My friend called me that evening and was amazed by how I sounded. She talked to me on Friday when I was crying to her. She said that it was like night and day!"
- Nihita B. (Houston, TX)

Order the paperback edition of 'Out of the Blue: Miracles for Beginners' on Amazon.com.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are here as a result of where you previously placed your attention. You benefit by being aware of the life-direction-determining influence of your unconscious mind. Read 'Out of the Blue: Miracles for Beginners' (e-book @ $5).

George interviewed on 'Mystery Cruise' radio—May 3, 2013.
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Try a Little Kindness

Where is George? See the calendar.

Interview by Linda Ballesteros on Blogtalk Radio—January 30, 2013. To access that audio, click here.

Click the link to access videos (on various subjects) on the YouTube channel here: George's YouTube Channel

George B. Thomas, Jr. was Certified as a practitioner of Matrix Energetics™ and as a Hypnotist in 2011. Using Faster EFT, Focused Mind Healing, and other Consciousness Tecnologies, he Accesses Healing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges/situations for clients in clinical and remote Sessions. His primary residence is in Galveston, Texas. 

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