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Any and all communications with any and all clientele are and will continue to be held in strict confidence. The ONLY possible exceptions may be reporting, with the client's approval, of results in the form of testimonials.

While nutrition (including supplements) and consciousness technologies (including hypnosis and/or Focused Mind Healing when warranted) may be recommended, there is not and will not be any advice contrary to medical counsel from licensed healthcare providers. There is no animus toward allopathic medicine or any other specific practice.

The methods and protocols accessed will not be shared by the principals or staff without written permission from the client, and then only for training purposes, as client confidentiality is sacrosanct.


Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical gateway (aka critical factor) of conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. We use the terms 'acceptable selective thinking' because if the way we have been thinking habitually results in harmful conditions and circumstances, we (rationally) want to revise these thinking processes and patterns and establish new thinking that is useful and helps, rather than harms us.


Smoking cigarettes is thought to be a harmful (and expensive!) habit. When we establish a new way of thinking about cigarettes, the client becomes a 'non-smoker.' This is an educational process accomplished by moving beyond the otherwise normal intellectual processes (via hypnosis).

In other words, one can see horrendous videos, 'scientific evidence,' etc. of how yucky cigarette smoking is—and the deleterious effects—and still be unable to quit (because of information in the unconscious mind). Bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind, we are able to reframe the process and experience and thus eliminate even the shadow of a craving for cigarettes.

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Enhance Physical Fitness
  • Eliminate Irrational Fear
  • Relief from Test Anxiety
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Revise Spiritual Connections
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem
  • Relieve Emotional Traumas
  • Clear Mental Blocks

Above are just a few of the applications for this consciousness technology.

Please click below for a description of your marvelous mind.
How the Mind (Really) Works

Trained in the consciousness technologies of the prestigious Omni Hypnosis Training Center (Deland, Florida) and certified by the Horizon Foundation Board of Hypnotherapy, George Thomas offers hypnosis sessions by appointment. For more information, email george@iwantjoy.com

Hypnosis sessions (smoking cessation, etc.) are routinely one to two hours @ $120. If the client chooses to address more issues, and there is a need for further revisions, subsequent sessions may be appropriate. The QHHT protocol is a distinct modality. Sessions are a minimum of 3 hours. 

What is Matrix Energetics & How Does it Work?

With all love and respect, just by asking that question, you are accessing the matrix.   Remote Session, approx. 1 hour.

"Just wanted to thank you again for my treatment today! I felt so light and zen after leaving. Your work is truly inspiring. As I drove home, I felt like I was seeing everything for the very first time. It was as though reality became surreal (all the colors were brighter, crisper, different)." - Aline F. (Houston, TX)

George Thomas attended his first Level 1 & 2 training in March 2009, and was certified as a practitioner of Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, in 2011. Matrix Energetics involves reformatting at the quantum level and uses protocols such as 'two point,' 'time travel,' and 'frequencies,' serving as an access to facilitate healing.

Remote Sessions

Remote (Zoom) and clinical sessions may include Faster EFT, Focused Mind Healing, Ho'Oponopono, and/or other methodologies. Contact us at (US) (281) 786-6211 or email george@IwantJoy.com to schedule a session in person or remote via phone or Zoom. See also Calendar

Zoom (Video Conference) Sessions - $120 USD
Email to set appointment: george@IwantJoy.com 

"George. You were right. Everything has changed since our magical Skype session! I am experiencing a continuing expansion of my perceptions of life - and "things" are just falling into place. Wonderful, magnificent life is presenting all kinds of opportunities..." — Lori T. (Tustin, CA)

For a video remote session ($120 USD), please click below: 

What about a video connection? "Energy Healed Me-Over the Phone!"

The advantages are several, including that the client remains in a familiar environment. The feeling of being safe is of great value in a session, since there will likely be new experiences noticed during the session.

For Optimal Positive Results

The client should be in a safe location where they do not expect to be interrupted and where we can see and hear each other. It is best that the client be alone, since emotions may come up to be healed, and clients' natural inclination to feel 'in control' can and does inhibit the process. In a group setting, concern for the opinions of others can restrict progress.

What to Expect

First, expect it to be easy. We are not diagnosing or treating via allopathic medicine. There is no physical manipulation required (such as in chiropractic or massage). The fact is that there are no contraindications for M.E., and these practices all do what they do from the basis of love and intent to improve conditions. 

The physical movement often experienced by clients may be described as energy transforming and/or flowing. There may be a physical realignment or the repair of joints, muscles, or skeletal structures to a more optimal condition (this is accomplished at and beyond the quantum level). And, there is no specific promise of a specific 'cure'!


Unlike surgery or other treatments, we will not work on your 'painful shoulder,' 'unhappy relationship,' or 'fear of cardboard' per se. What our practice involves is using Matrix Energetics and 'the system' (so-called by Harold McCoy of ORI) and allowing the desired improved conditions to supersede the previous problems.

This can and will help anyone and will be most effective in those who are willing to enter the experience with a playful spirit and mindset. If a serious or chronic condition exists—or one that medical science simply cannot solve--a session may well appear to be miraculous. One idea now gaining widespread acceptance is: when the body's energy field is balanced and flowing without disruption, the body can naturally heal itself. In an effective session, we simply move directly to the end result without the (otherwise seemingly required) intervening steps, such as surgery, drugs, or various types of therapy.

With a willing client and an energetic, heart-to-heart rapport, miracles happen. No one can force healing on anyone, and some people may resist. These modalities are only effective on >98% of the people.

Trust your gut! Do what resonates with you. If you are not ready, feel free to continue to pursue allopathic medicine or talk therapy or whatever. You know inside yourself what resonates with you. Isn't it about time to trust yourself?

To set an appointment for an in-person or remote session, send us an email or call.


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