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Faster EFT

"Thank you, George. I just got rid of a 2 day headache with your tapping technique." - Carla J.   "You are wonderful. ..have made me feel better when nothing else could. Thank you" - Helen P.

'Faster EFT' is based on the beneficial work of Gary Craig. Robert G. Smith has distilled and enhanced this 'Acupuncture Without Needles' technique, wherein one taps on the energy meridians of the physical body and, in doing so, releases emotional triggers, allowing a 'reformatting of the human hard drive' and the resulting improvements in life experience.

It is effective at relieving pain and dissolving emotional or traumatic memories that manifest as problems. If all that happened with Faster EFT was a 'spiritual reboot', that would be enough to qualify this as a wonderful therapy. In our practice, results are sometimes dramatic but always beneficial... We use it—and it works!

Reduced Cortisol Levels in Clinical Studies

Integrating the healing affirmations ('thought process') from Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' specific to the problem has proven effective at lessening or eliminating the problem in dozens of cases in our personal experience.

The process is easy to learn and apply. Yes! We encourage you: do 'try this at home.'



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'I understand that EFT with ACT, Focused Mind Healing, and other modalities may be included based on what is in my best interests, for my highest good.'

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Much has been written about the placebo effect. There is also a phenomenon known as the nocebo effect, which results in a person experiencing a negative reaction to what—in most other cases--is a proven beneficial thing. Example: taking a drug that is historically 99% effective in eliminating a certain symptom but ineffective in the case of a person.

George Thomas is certified as a hypnotist and practitioner of Matrix Energetics, using Faster EFT, Focused Mind Healing, and the Laying on of Hands in his intuitive healing sessions. Available by appointment and at workshops and seminars. See Calendar.
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While one page cannot do justice to the concepts of EFT or Faster EFT, the primer here is a quick, printable reference.
1 Page EFT

Robert G. Smith offers literally hundreds of free videos explaining the concepts and practical applications of Faster EFT. Here is a link to his information.

Although generally used to remove problems or dissolve emotional trauma, Tapping can also be used to improve aspects of life experience (on purpose).

Using ACT (the Affirmation Cementing Technique), we anchor the affirmations using the body's own energy meridians, Tapping as we say aloud the phrases to cement in the new thought patterns—the consequences of which are improved conditions, replacing old thought patterns, and their consequences with revised results.

Here are affirmations designed to alleviate problems with eyesight. 
Regarding Cataracts

If this looks like something you can learn and do yourself—it is! Get the DVD training—shipping is free in the Continental USA.
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In the videos below, I address specific problems and demonstrate the consciousness technologies (and tactics) that diffuse or eliminate problem(s). Yes! Do 'try this at home.' Note: There is no rush. Take your time. Stop and restart the videos if you need to. (I admit the headache one is too fast)!

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The video below is directed at vision problems. For the specific affirmations, click here.

A most effective protocol to integrate into Faster EFT is the ACT process or 'Affirmation Cementing Technique,' which anchors affirmations by stimulating the energy meridians of the body with a conscious focus on spoken words. There are several factors working synergistically here, as we tend to believe ourselves when we speak, the spoken word is very powerful, and—simply put—Tapping works.

The video below demonstrates this with the use of Faster EFT, ACT, and Ho'Oponopono with name.


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