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Here is a brief overview of some of the protocols accessed.

Matrix Energetics

Using the process known as 'Quantum Entanglement,' this consciousness technology can also be likened to 'accelerated prayer'—wherein the client allows their vibrational resonance to recalibrate to a more elevated state (which often manifests as physical and emotional healing). Transforming is often remarkable, to say the least.

Faster EFT

An evolved form of the 'Emotional Freedom Technique' originally developed and taught by Gary Craig, Robert G. Smith's 'Faster EFT' is used to dissolve stuck energies that manifest themselves as physical or emotional pain and/or fear. Clearing the mind/body connection of these habitually debilitating bonds often results in huge emotional cleansing and major life improvement—in all areas.

Focused Mind Healing

Using modified protocols described in 'Ancient Secrets of Psychic Healing' (by Benjamin Bibb and Joseph Weed) and those taught by Harold McCoy of the Ozark Research Institute, this practice integrates Imagination and 'The System'--meaning an array of other-than-physical energy, entities, and devices. Although not well understood by the general public, the results are often astounding--and are not dependent on the beliefs of the client. This can be very beneficial when working with a 'non-believer' and can be helpful in alleviating a myriad of physical concerns. "Energy Healed Me-Over the Phone!"


Recognized for decades as an effective way to address a number of issues (weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.), hypnosis can be of inestimable value when applied by an integral, ethical, trained, and experienced practitioner. Hypnosis is a separate modality from QHHT, and not performed as part of a 'regular' session.

Laying on of Hands/Relaxation Healing

This ancient compassionate energy practice, taught by Michael Stellitano, is used to cleanse the aura and (when appropriate) send energy into and allow healing of specific physical concerns. Usually done in a clinical setting, typically when the focus is on the body.

Entity Identification & Cleansing

In some cases, depression, chronic low energy, behavioral problems, and other conditions are the result of non-physical energies (thought-forms, discarnate, etc.) that can adversely influence or draw energy from an individual. When indicated, this often includes 'Energy Body and Aura Repair' and requires a minimum of two practitioners. We identify, educate, and assist in the transformation and transition of non-physical entities. This is accomplished remotely (click for example). Although in every case a positive outcome is certain, the specific tactics employed in each case vary. 

Private Sessions

Face-to-Face or via Zoom
Usually One Hour — $120

See the calendar page for scheduled low- or no-cost demonstrations of one-on-one, in-person healing, and transformation.


To acquire the energy signature for remote work, we need a name, address, and approximate age. Alternatively, we prefer that you send us the person's name and photo (which does not have to be recent).

When applicable, we use 'Seventh Sense' and 'Medipic' protocols, as taught by Benjamin Bibb and Harold McCoy. In a manner similar to that used by Edgar Cayce, we must 'tune in' to the energy signature of the individual to be healed. This work may be done for yourself or on behalf of another. Results are not limited by the belief system of the *client. In other words, yes—we can help your non-believing friend (and they will benefit).

*The only caveat is: if they choose to reacquire the condition (pain, illness, etc.), we will not interfere with their free will. We all can and do change—and we help change for the better!

The only potential downside is that if the client refuses to follow our recommendations (aka homework), they may reacquire a similar problem. We work with consciousness technologies, as well as angels, etc. If after a cleansing is accomplished, the client returns to the environment where they picked up their problem, they may pick it up again. We are not seeking repeat business, so we will give advice and counsel as to ways to avoid similar problems in the future.


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