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Meditation MP3s

Thank you for your donation. If you have difficulty with downloading, feel free to email us: george@IwantJoy.com
Audios contain an alpha brainwave in training sound. Do not play while operating heavy machinery or anything else requiring the use of your eyesight.

PC Users

To download MP3 files, click one (or both) of the links below and 'save as.'
The 'Rainfall' version calibrates at 500 (aka love) on the *Hawkins Map of Consciousness.
The 'Classical Music' version calibrates at 550 (unconditional love).
*See the chart.

Map of Consciousness

Classical Music

The chart below is a quick guide to the work of David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD. This is a logarithmic chart, meaning each single point is 10 times higher. In other words, one calibrated at 201 is 10 times as conscious as one calibrated at 200. Everything above 200 is 'Life-Affirming,' with 'Christ Consciousness' at 1000.

In a comfortable position, where you will not be interrupted, begin with a few deep breaths. Breathing deeply relaxes and oxygenates the body. If you fall asleep during the meditation, please do not fault yourself. This is simply an indication that you need to rest. Many, if not most of us, in these hectic, modern times are sleep deprived.

For best results, continue your meditative practice for 21 days straight. You are forming new neural pathways in your physical brain and, by thinking these thoughts repeatedly, habituating a healthier and wealthier situation.


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