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Prayer—When Understood—Works

If you think it doesn't, or you believe it doesn't 'in some cases' or 'takes a really long time,' you have not understood. And, ignorance is no crime, so you're not in trouble. It could, however, be useful for you to study about and practice prayer because it is a wondrous and truly effective way to access the miraculous.

How & Why Does Prayer Work?

(This is a huge key for those of you taking notes).

1) In prayer, one may connect with God in a more unencumbered way by consciously shutting out the cares and distractions of the world. We close our eyes, bow our heads and/or kneel, and put our hands in a specific position. All of these methodologies—cognitively redirected behaviors, if you will—help us to access our connection with divinity and help us realign our awareness, so that our conscious mind can focus on the divine.

2) In prayer, we can rapidly access feeling, which is the language of divinity. Feeling is the methodology—the vehicle, if you will--which allows a form of two-way communication with God unencumbered by thought. Without physical distractions and with attentive focus of our minds, we circumvent the standard inhibitions of ordinary experience. It's OK for us to experience emotion in prayer since we're 'all by ourselves' and free of the judgment of others that so often colors our public (and private) behavior.

Prayer is a way to enable creation by engaging cognitive activity and effectively communicating our desires to the source. Yes, physical and mental actions in prayers enable improved results that then may manifest themselves here and now in time and space.

How Do You Pray? What is the Most Effective Manner?

Try this: go to a quiet, private place, eliminate all distractions possible, and then speak frankly and fearlessly (this is important) to the universal mind/source energy/the universe/GOD. Say what's on your mind candidly, sincerely, and respectfully. In other words, you do the best you know how. And then, continually improve as you go along.

And if the answer seems to be 'no' or 'not right now,' that is a valuable lesson! With additional understanding, an occurrence of disease X can be eliminated from the experience of an individual. As in, we can correct/eliminate the symptoms of a person. Believe it or not, divinity wants us happy and healthy, but the morphic field of glaucoma, for instance, is larger than an individual's personal status, so there are 'rules' as to what will be the result of prayer.

Thinking in new ways is exactly like any other learning experience.
Practice makes better.

Ask and it is given.
This presupposes that you ask.

Man Praying

While it is true that if you seek, you will find—you must also recognize: finding is reserved for the searchers. So ask, seek, and knock. Do not expect success if you don't ask or never bother to seek.

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Woman in Prayer

For Those Struggling with 'Fearlessly'

Perhaps you have been taught that, 'God heareth not sinners.' Haven't we been told by clergy that we are all sinners?

What does this mean? Are we all doomed?
Please, dear reader, stop and think.
This means that when there is nothing to hear, nothing is heard.

1) A "sinner" is not going to be praying. By definition, they are busy actively 'sinning' (whatever that is) and therefore not applying faith, the expectation of success, or possibility thinking [therefore]..
2) The sinner is not praying. 'God' does not hear what does not exist!

Prayer requires a reverent attitude, and one who is busy 'sinning' simply will not be in that mindset. No one can perceive what is not being expressed.

Consider: we have been given inaccurate, incomplete information. It is OK to ask for clarification. Love never faults ignorance! Stupidity, perhaps, but not ignorance. ("Father forgive them, for they know not what they do").

If you read all the way down the page, here's a bonus for you:
What About Forgiveness?

If this resonates with you, it is for you.
The unconscious understands symbols and metaphors.
Creative Visualization Symbols — Prayers

We love you.

Much has been documented in the fields of psychology, hypnosis, and other mind-centered disciplines that assert the effectiveness of symbols in communicating with other-than-standard waking consciousness. It is not the purpose of this website to educate on these topics. Our purpose is to 'cut to the chase' so to speak and assist.

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The audio files below are not for everyone (meditations). Most people are not ready to experience it. If you are not ready, this in no way means that you are, in any way, inadequate, foolish, or insufficiently elevated in your thinking. Please meditate only in a controlled environment; do not play while driving etc.
Unqualified Releasing

Your belief systems have, most likely, served you well. If you choose to modify them, this may be a useful tool. If not, please know—you are not wrong.

The audio file below is a revised version of the one above, and contains additional proactive thoughts to enable moving forward.
Further Revisions


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