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More pragmatic, useful activities to engage in—to enhance your belief that you can have more, and that because of who and what you are, you have permission to succeed; and to advance from intellectual agreement to the experiential knowledge that it is OK with the universe (aka God) that you be happy, healthy, prosperous, joyful, loving, and every other 'good' thing.

'I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly.' - John 10:10

You Can Revise Your Beliefs

Perhaps, as you read this, you don't yet have all your beliefs in sync or in harmony with the energy and power that enables the manifestation of your desires as rapidly as you might want. There are effective ways to access hard-to-get things, and the knowledge may be acquired by virtually anyone to the degree they will allow.

Willingness must be present. And practice (discipline) is required.

Reading books may revise thinking, for example: 'Out of the Blue: Miracles for Beginners'

One way virtually anyone can improve is to take full advantage of the 'two or more' concept. We can leap ahead in consciousness and evolution when we make use of activities that enhance our 'spiritual bandwidth' (kudos to Jaden Rose Phoenix).

Meditation has been lauded as a useful tool—as a stress reliever, a window to higher knowledge, etc. We agree and recommend it! And, in a group setting, it has been demonstrated that the effectiveness doesn't simply increase by the power of one each time an individual is added (to a group effort of mind), but by at least a 'squared' factor (three individuals yield the power of nine, five can wield power equal to 25, etc.).

The focused effort of 0.01% of the population of a given community affects the entire community (documented in studies of group meditations as early as the 1960s). Being involved in activities in which you are led into or going into a higher vibrational state on purpose and actively participating in the feeling of gratitude, love, and intent to heal gives you experiential knowledge and increases your personal familiarity with the feeling or state of this higher vibration. When done with others, the effects are enhanced, as is the experience of each individual.

Practice makes better. Like any other skill, moving into and prolonging your stay in a higher state (of consciousness) makes the next time easier. Marinating—if you will—in the higher vibrational states that exist in positive, truth-based learning or healing workshops and even properly guided group meditations, is a useful and effective way to accelerate personal development.

Take Action!

As Esther Hicks said at the end of the original version of The Secret: 
'There is nothing you're supposed to do... only what you want to do.'

From time to time, we recommend that people sage the places where they spend time, as a technique to cleanse the spiritual environment. Here is a quick one-page guide on that protocol: Cleanse the Environment

Another protocol to energetically cleanse is to use sea salt: How to Use Sea Salt

Try a Little Kindness!

One solution for ailments called Focused Mind Healing (aka Medipic) is non-invasive and documented effective. Ancient Secrets of Psychic Healing

A bonus for you! Why Forgive?

George and the team are available to help. One of the rules in our universe is: 'ask and it is given.' Help is available when one uses this law to their benefit and does the asking. Believe it or not, angels are standing on the sidelines saying, 'Put me in, coach, let me help.' And because we must play by these rules, the coach can only respond by saying, 'I will. Just as soon as they ask.'

Email: george@IwantJoy.com 

It Might Help to Understand Prayer


How Does it Work?

Read the whole page, and I'll give you a bonus. Want things easier? Tools make chores easier.

We all want to survive. To be viable, we require two things: 
1) Growth (includes Reproduction) 2) Protection (from Anything Harmful)

Even on a cellular level, we move toward nutrients and things that help us grow and away from toxins and things that cause harm and fear because we need protection.

It shouldn't be 'news' that we enhance our health and well-being when we eat healthy rather than 'junk' foods. We notice that illness comes to us when we get run down and when we overextended ourselves or overindulge in toxins (and yes, there are such things as toxic behavior and toxic circumstances).

It also is relatively common knowledge that uplifting thoughts and positive expectations lead to better health and attitudes. The trick is to develop the habit of thinking, 'I can' rather than 'I'm afraid, I can't.'

Here's the bonus: What About Forgiving?

Protection Protocol

Everything is energy, and on 3D Earth, we perceive good and bad, right and wrong, etc. This is not a philosophical treatise but a simple explanation of an effective way of shielding yourself from negative energies that may be directed toward you.

See the video below.


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