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  • Causes all Manner of Disease
  • Gives us High Blood Pressure
  • Destroys Relationships
  • Results in Tension Headaches
  • Damages your Mental Health
  • Leads to Financial Problems
  • Tears at the Fabric of Families
  • Is Detrimental to Everything Good You Want in Your Life

No matter what the problem is, without the attending stress it creates in our lives and the attending discomfort—be it illness, irritability, insomnia, chronic worry, or any other manifested situation or condition—It could be manageable.

You know intellectually that 'this too shall pass'... But you still worry about it. And not without reason!

This is absolutely genuinely rational concern, by the way. When you are in pain—be it physical, mental, emotional, relational, or financial pain or discomfort—we are not telling you to just 'ignore it and it'll go away.'

There are, however, practical steps to take that can alleviate any discomfort of any kind, and this is accomplished by clearly defined steps. The processes can be learned and applied by virtually anyone (with sufficient training and desire).

Our team has worked on these processes extensively and has seen and documented 'real world' results. Pain erasure, physical ailments, and even realignment of skeletal structures have been accomplished. Seemingly miraculous outcomes happen when scientifically valid methods are used. And they don't only work on physical issues.

Why not take five minutes and listen to Louise?

By now, you understand that you CAN change your own mind.


Depression is a serious issue and may require more than a 'one-time effort' to restore an individual to a productive state of mind. The primary block to overcoming depression may even be the free will of the depressed individual. It is a widely held belief that anyone may change their mind.

Below is a link to Chapter 2 of Book 2.
Fun on the Holodeck—Habituating Miracles
Coming out of a Great Depression

Our work is effective on all sorts of concerns. But, from the perspective of the depressed, even hope of recovery seems illusive. Depression clouds the mind of those so situated. There are those who believe they have made so many wrong choices that their 'victim' status seems irreversible (of course, it is reversible). And, in the midst of depression there is a lack of motivation to get better because—to the depressed individual—what's the point? By definition, depression is not motivation.

This is often frustrating to those whose loved one is in such a state. We will never 'give up' on anyone—and this is a serious issue. If you are experiencing this, we can help you with that. In general, everyone is special and unique, and one size does not fit all. For example...

Post-Partum Depression

When pregnancy occurs, the mother's endocrine (hormonal) system must ramp up to supply the new life form within her, as well as to provide her own physical body with additional hormones to handle the new burden with which it is coping. This 'peaking up' is a gradual thing which takes several months, and therefore, the harmonizing and balancing system has no trouble in keeping the hormones evenly and properly supplied as required.

"At birth, all this is changed in a matter of hours. The various endocrine glands must cease their abnormal production and retreat to the normal output for a single unencumbered body. The need for this sudden reversal comes as a shock to the entire system; the amazing thing is that most women adjust back to normal and overcome their depressed feelings in so short a time, usually not more than three or four days. Some do not, however, and therein lies a problem which frustrates the medical profession."
- 'Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing' by Benjamin Bibb and Joseph J. Weed

If you or a loved one is experiencing depression, please know that there are useful modalities that can provide relief without drugging the person into an artificial tranquility that only serves to mask the condition. One modality that has documented results for PTSD, for example, is known as the Emotional Freedom Technique. 'Faster EFT' as taught by Robert G. Smith is simple to learn and apply click hereEmail us or submit a question.

Note: For those taking prescriptions to alleviate symptoms, there are different protocols to apply based on the length of time Prozac, for example, has been in the system. Consult your medical professional when considering ANY changes to prescription medications.


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