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Working with George is incredibly transformative, each session brings immediate relief and peace for me. The space George creates and holds allows for healing in a deep way. It removes the obstacles that are often in the way of feeling. Allowing space for you to be with feelings, while also not becoming consumed by them. …sessions with George have brought great love and connection. My most recent session brought completely new light to my connection with my mother who has passed. I'm experiencing some physical health conditions currently and know it makes it more difficult to connect. So I'm very grateful for being able to reconnect in this way during and after this session. George is not only an obviously compassionate, generous and caring man, he also has a very cute side to his personality that I find very healing. This work creates a deep feeling of belonging and connection. These sessions activate our innate healing power and are deeply rewiring on a cellular level. It has allowed me to surrender once again, a state that can be especially difficult to experience while navigating health and the health system. It is a priceless gift to feel safe enough to surrender and I feel blessed to know George. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief and healing.

- Amber, Brisbane, Australia

George was able to quickly access past traumas and emotional problems for me.  I experienced waves of energy throughout my body.  Before the session, I had experienced pain on bottoms of both feet when I walked.  I didn't mention it at the session as at that time I was not experiencing any discomfort.  Near the end of session, George asked me if I had problems with me feet?  Much to my surprise he shifted the stuck energy there as well.  After the session I felt lighter and free.  I highly recommend scheduling a session with George.                  

- Marti, Houston, Texas

I highly recommend George B. Thomas. In a 30 minute zoom call, George's means of accessing higher streams of frequency in support of my continual awakening into a more aligned Christ Consciousness, I am thankful. What I most loved was his desire to get right to the work, to shine more light in to my life.

- Susie, Arizona, USA

Being in the field of energy healings for few past years and being the facilitator myself to many clients with various modalities, I had apprehensions allowing people personally in my life which arised from trust issues. But George is so incredible with his work that each time we connect all my barriers would dissolve in few minutes. I never found anyone so amazing to work with even after working on hundreds of my clients. The best part working with George is everything that is so solid, so impenetrable, so impossible suddenly becomes so easy and possible. He tackles difficult and complex issues with simplicity and helps expand the person beyond their limits. The healings he does and provide are instant that we feel immediately in real time. Once I was almost dead sick and couldn't even lift phone in hand. And he coaxed me into healing somehow and bang.....all illusion of the sickness and reality dropped in within 5 minutes. He has amazing skills and techniques which can be accessed by souls who are so pure within. He is so gentle and accommodating each time we connect which always makes room for another meeting. I highly recommend George to everyone who needs instant resolutions even to the grave problems because it's so simple and convenient when we surrender. What I thought was the biggest problem in my personal relationship.... while working with George I realised that it needed only a small perspective change...which instantly freed me from the obstacle I fought for 20 yrs. He's the most amazing healer I came across without glorifying anything or making things complex to get the feeling of energy healing.

- Sanghamitra, India

 I have had a few sessions with George and found them to be very valuable. The first session helped me release heaviness I'd been carrying around regarding self-worth. My second session helped release some old patterns around money. I really appreciate George's lighthearted and unorthodox approach.

- Sincerely,

Accolades to George for his profound healing of my mind and body.  With George's help I have opened the door to a new era in my life.

- Debbie Lambert  (Head 2 Toe Healing)

He is not only an excellent healer but has also become a very good friend of mine through our work together.  I was having some health issues and sought his guidance and healing services.  As a healer myself, I can say with utmost confidence that George's healing abilities help change my life.  There were several areas that were blocked in my life beyond my conscious recognition.  With his help, we successfully removed those blocks that were hindering my health and prosperity.  He is kind and gentle in his approach and you start to see the effects of working with him immediately.  I love listening to his meditations and am currently listening to them daily.  George holds a special place in my heart and I will always remember him guiding me through the process of self love.  It is always a pleasure working with him and he always does his best to help with even the most difficult of situations.  I highly recommend his healing services to anyone that wants more joy and prosperity in their life.

With love and gratitude,

- Michele R., USA


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