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"..And I feel awesome knowing that when you said in class "God is LOVE" it literally means just that, and its not like a riddle or something that needs to be earned.. The thing is that a lot of the things that were taught this weekend [at someone else's Seminar] you have talked to us about in the classes.. ..information that is really priceless. You are so awesome!" — M. G. (Texas)

Mini-Sessions (20 minutes) for Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Healing

George is not currently participating in Public Events.

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The constraints of time and space we have been led to believe exist do not impede the more powerful energies of Love and Intent.  Focused Mind Healing is DOCUMENTED Effective.  

 Facebook page likely has details.

Call: (281) 786-6211
Email: george@iwantjoy.com 

You've heard, 'ask and it is given' and 'seek and you shall find.' But realize this: getting is reserved for the askers, and finding is reserved for the searchers. Most of what we seem to be denied, we deny ourselves. The source of all absolutely loves us.

How is it done?

George interviewed by Linda Ballesteros on Blogtalk Radio--January 30, 2013.
To access that audio, click here.  See also Sample Remote Session.

One-page Poster for Mini-Sessions

Handouts — Various

The pdf files here may well seem disjointed or 'advanced' to those who have not experienced the specific class. Each is designed as only the highlighted bullet points, i.e., memory triggers of subjects and concepts addressed, some of which were covered at great length in a given presentation.

Map of Consciousness - Abbreviated Explanation


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